Snacklicious food is an American company of snacks, whose primary goal is to make your every moment #delicious
Created by Brazilian entrepreneurs, the brand was born in 2017, in Miami, with the purpose of spread happiness with practical and flavor, after all, nowadays everyone wants practicality in everything that is possible.


Currently, Snacklicious is already in more than 500 door in three countries (USA, Canada, and Brazil). "As my partner and I are Brazilian, we know that people here love to get together, whether for a Sunday lunch, for football or any celebration. So nothing like having delicious and easy to prepare snacks for those moments, right? "Explains Felippe Guerra, Sales & MKT VP.

The brand debut with five products between goodies and savory items and many more are on the way.
Snacklicious born from a chat with friends when I realized the moment for snacks that would fit all the tribes. Therefore, we believe that we can be in several countries, always respecting the local culture", explains Felippe Guerra, Sales & MKT VP.


Moreover, the packaging reflects this well: they are cheerful, stripped down and designed using the reference from several international urban artists, "adds Felippe.