Mini Churros with Dulce de leche
Of Spanish origin, churros is one of the most popular sweets in the world. It's
hard to resist the delicious dough filled with dulce de leche.
Ready to eat, Snacklicious brought the mini-churros with dulce de leche, perfect for the day, meetings and parties. Crunchy, soft and an explosion of flavors.
Are you too lazy to go to the kitchen but want some tasty candy to eat?
Snacklicious can save you.
Churros Sticks
For those who like different snacks, that go beyond traditional.
Snacklicious has
churros, the traditional Spanish dessert that conquered the world.
With light, crunchy and soft dough, it can be consumed pure or you can dip something.
Ribs bites (Bolinho de Costela)
A lots of friends and a delicious portion of Rib bites is the perfect combination,
insn't? Snacklicious helps you to have an amazing moment.
Pratical, and a well served, really Delicious! Can you imagine all of that with
a special sauce or a cold beer to complete?
Chicken bites (Coxinha)
Coxinha and soccer can be considered the biggest passions for Brazilian's. Snacklicious brings to you the traditional snack, ready to consume and delight.
Great to eat anytime. It can be either watching Netflix or meeting with friends or
family and also a football game.
#tip: prepare a special sauces to make our snacks more delicious.
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